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You go to Knam’s not because you pass by before returning home, not to alleviate a languor. Not because it is convenient to park in the second row, or to choose the traditional Sunday sweet. Not because there are VIPs, or to impress at dinner. Because if you go to any of these reasons, probably it still remain an isolated experience. You go to Knam to test other 'sweet', delicate, precious, I would say seductive. So, if you want a dessert to sink with greed, go elsewhere, there are so many pastry shops ready to provide delicious and common sweet. Here the pleasure is slow non-violent, the repetition emphasizes it, refines and makes it more understandable and accessible. The flavours are new, unusual textures, the nuances are difficult to guess. Every bag of cookies is a surprise, spicy or traditional, and warrants attention. Knam’s sweets are not easy to try, even if the investigator is repaid generously. We appreciate Knams-thoughts, particularly when it results in chocolate, in perfect geometry, as in Kubo or imperfect, like truffles and pralines. Then there are the cakes like the scenic short crost with chocolate and rose petals or the chocolate mousse, and aubergines. On the website you will find the story of Ernst, his wines, knives, books and courses. All products (among them jams and mustard fruits) and projects such as a pastry shop recently opened in Turin. You might even discover that’s not for you, why not? But it will be a truly unique taste. Simulacra: someone wants a portrait, someone an exclusive jewel, someone even a star, someone draw by himself a bag. Mr. Knam could we have a sweet?

Nessundove - Annalisa Musso


It’s useless to look around: the German Friedrich Ernst Knam, maestro confectioner of absolute standing is the best pastry cook in Milan. Now that we are at Easter you can buy your colomba, still unforgettable. But the suggestion is to get one of his wonderful creations, maybe the best for your Easter feeeling . Like the shortcrust "Frangipane" made with almonds and berries very common in America and France which Knam revisits with sublime results. For the heart of the shortcrut he uses cream with almonds and not the pulp, which means a more attenuated cake, a better company for crushed raspberries and blueberries which burst in fantastic subtle crust (with butter and loads of Easter eggs). Good absorbed by a great shortcrust.

Nunzio di Gola


Hot autumn but also very erotic. While the city is confronted with the prices going sky high, with the reopening of the schools, bills to pay, the increasingly chaotic traffic, there is a sexy strand , very sophisticated, beautiful to see and to enjoy. What's better than chocolate with murky scenes of Kamasutra to awaken the senses and forget the bitterness? Milan offers the opportunity to "bite" in to sweet intercourse, with him and her in beautiful eastern clothes and parts of genital organs displayed with infinite grace and sweetness. To do so, just go in the pastry shop. The maestro who creates the aphrodisiac chocolates is Ernst Knam, 38 years old, of German origin. After working in China, Japan, Thailand, he came to Milan, where he brings out his delights in via Anfossi,10 in the Pastry "Antica Arte del Dolce." The chocolates which awake the senses and bring a good mood, are reasonable: from 1.50 to 3 euros. But if you want something special, Knam is ready to fulfill your wishes. The standard range for nine scenes of Kamasutra "etched" is very good. The chocolate that melts eroticaly in your mouth , taste the Milanese, the purchase is not only to make spicy gifts to your lover but also to turn on evenings with friends. The sweet of sin must be served on silver plates, with the same detachment with which you offer the traditional chocolate. Forbidden to blush or show embarrassment.

Laura Asnaghi


Ex-pastry chef of Gualtiero Marchesi, the German Ernst Knam is the owner of a pastry L’Antica Arte del Dolce, but also takes care of ceremonies and events, boasting prestigious clients in the fashion business. He explains, "The main incentive lies in making the tastes and the will of each menu ad hoc." No standardization, but always different dishes, prepared on time and based on unusual combinations. Some examples: the dark chocolate or eggplant cake with chocolate raspberry and coriander. The menu may be Italian, exotic, vegetarian. The wide availability of locations, set up each time with great care.

Vivi Milano - Raffaela Oliva


Born in Germany near Constance Lake. he travelled far and wide in Europe, gaining a unique experience that made him an excellent cook and a great confectioner. Some years ago he opened in Milan L’Antica Arte del Dolce (via Anfossi, 10 tel 02.551944448), an innovative store that made trend, the expression of his creative genius. There you can buy his beautiful sweets or order them personalized in advance. But the art of Knam is not only dessert. Ernst, in fact, opened the new La nuova Arte del Catering (tel. 02.5514490), where he prepare sensational banquets.

A Tavola n° 12


Milan - "They eat it all and eat a lot. Foreigners, Italians, and Americans: now with the fashion everyone has arrived. But the 9/11 effect in Milan just can’t be seen: the 2002 numbers are the same as last year." Ernst Knam, the German maestro confectioner who leads "L’Antica Arte del Dolce," one of the most refined stores of the city, not only agrees, but is also convinced that there is a direct link between chocolate and insecurity: "Even after the Pirelli skyscraper disaster we noticed a sharp increase in demand for chocolate.

Alessandra Farkas - Corriere della Sera


Antica Arte del Dolce, via Anfossi 12, tel. 02.55194448. Only small cakes, large, soft. Nothing Mimose or Millefeuille but Singapore mousse, with chocolate, exotic fruits and curry or eggplant mousse with chocolate and raspberry and Kamasutra chocolate bars. The chef is Knam Ernst, who worked three years with Gualtiero Marchesi. Before he went off on his own.

Amica n° 9


L'Antica Arte del Dolce. In this store next to Porta Vittoria, run by a famous German confectioner, Ernst Knam, you find true works of confectionery art. Among all, the bitter chocolate mousse, Malvasia mousse, forest strowberry mousse. To try also mignon pastries and cakes of all kinds.

Sabina Spada - Viaggi & Sapori


In Via Anfossi 10, at the Antica Arte del Dolce, Ernst Knam, creator of paradisiacal three layers mousse, says: "The real chocolate is the bitter chocolate. Everything else is not chocolate." This year we sell like "hot cakes" our elegant cocoa bars with Kamasutra positions.

Corriere della Sera - Gabriella Ledda


Gualtiero Marchesi, like all great artists, has had his moments of glory and those with main criticism. This, however, that no one can ever take away is one thing: to have done school. Milan has no longer Marchesi, who works now in Erbusco (Brescia), but in the pastry has his student, to be exact the ex Gualtiero "pastry chef", Ernst Knam. When City worked on an article about wine bars we found, for example, that the two best addresses in Milan, Solci's and Osteria Ricerca Vini, used both Knam’s sweets. So nothing better than to go straight to his pastry shop to see what he is really able to do. His high school is available also in the stores, not only at home or for catering events in which you have to do well. Among the best things, those based on bitter chocolate, in combinations with spices, or fruit which call to mind an asian references. Taste the Africana, a dark chocolate mousse, made soft by the cream. Famouse also the souffle, which Knam dedicates a book for Biblioteca Culinaria.



Finally a book that manages to move away the hearts of us Italians from maniacal attention for wine. And it does so with poetry, telling an ancient tale able of giving the beer a great dignity. Ingredients: more than beer, pork and cabbage. Here it goes far beyond the Viennese wurstel with mustard (a culinary chapter however not concluded) to embark on a gastronomic journey where the beer is the protagonist inside and at the side of many dishes. Directions: Ernst Knam, Bavarian with Italy in his heart, the favorite student of Gualtiero Marchesi, offers forty recipes, from starters to dessert, in which blends Japanese, Spanish, Mexican and German traditions; a multi-ethnic gastronomic tour that smells of beer. Instructions for use: sometimes we have suggested you skip the introduction. This suggestion does not apply to this book, indeed ... A few but intense lines those of the author Ernst Knam, besides missed stories and curiosity in the text of Franco Re, Rector of the University of beer. Warning: are you ready to be "kidnapped" by caramelized figs to cook “au gratin” with cream of beer? And you know how to resist a pumpkin and dark chocolate charlotte with hazelnut, cinnamon and jelly beer crust?? No, of course. Let yourself be transported by emotion .... You will thank us. In brief, sophisticated and beautifully photographed.

La Cucina di Casa Mia - Roberto Sposini


All'Antica Arte del Dolce in Via Anfossi 10, where Ernst Knam proposes different sizes, from the smallest, the mono - Sacher, ideal for singles looking for love, those greatest.

Vivi Milano - Francesca Lovatelli Caetani


Chef of German origin operating in Milan, Ernst Knam signed a new editorial work applying its culinary inspiration to the universe of beer with more than 40 recipes. "A Tutta Birra" is the volume published by the Biblioteca Culinaria, with photos of Janez Puksic, that represent a book of considerable interest to those who want to receive for the first time the so-called "beer cuisine" and for professionals wishing to experiment with new raw materials - starting from a solid foundation, and a secular tradition - in which the beverage is the ingredient for all kinds of dishes, from starters to dessert, thanks to its ductility. Despite the fact that Italy is a nation of essentially vocation in wine, and is not the default supply of beer, you can find hundreds of different types. The culture and knowledge of beer are not popular: the beverage is not sure about the ancient origins (Mesopotamian and not German) and the best mode of consumption, which will retain the best characteristics; the beer is consumed primarily in the warmer months and, in gastronomy, it brings only almost the classic tradition of German ancestry, such as pork, potatoes and cabbage. The use of beer as an ingredient is also not widespread in the Mediterranean and is historically rooted in countries where its commitment as a drink was always habitually, and cooking with beer, in which it appears both as accompaniment as an ingredient itself, has a tradition thousands of years. As highlighted in the introduction to the text by Franco Re - Rector of the University of Beer - Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Greece and ancient Rome, already knew the culinary commitment of beer, but to get the first written recipes, you must move English Medieval and treated cooking time, revealing both the commitment of the drink in high cuisine, that its widespread not only as a beverage. From England to Holland, the Czech Republic to Alsace, from Austria to Ireland, from Belgium to Bavaria (where the beer is even called flüssiges Brot "liquid bread") numerous are the examples of traditional recipes, which include the commitment to "drink hops." Two examples among all the carbonata alla Fiamminga, traditional dish of Flanders-based on highly fermented beer, homemade bread , mustard, onions and beef, or Irish stout cake, sweet based on beer and chocolate. In Italy the kitchen of beer is enjoying a slow but effective dissemination, even if they are still few chefs which can use the raw material and insert it as ingredient in innovative and guessed recipes. Ernst Knam, thanks to its German origins, starting from the most classic recipes of meat and pasta dishes, developed with fish dishes and desserts, expanding so "the culinary horizon”, thanks to responsible and balanced choices. Starting from the promise that the beer, unlike wine, "it combines 80% by analogy with the taste of the dish and 20% in contrast with the flavour”, the beverage is in every recipe a precise location as an ingredient. If you leaf through the volume, we come across in dishes such as fried pumpkin in batter on beer zabaione, risotto with fresh hops whiped with Castelmagno wine, sea bream in foil with fresh onions and beer, before moving to dessert including gelatin beer soup with apples balls and snow ginger eggs, or caramelized figs cooked “au gratin” with cream of beer to be used, as indicated by the same Knam.


What’s chocolate for you? "Chocolate for me is passion, love, pleasure, thrill .... is all, It’s my weakness. The passion for chocolate is fulminating and contagious: more and more people choose chocolate to console or gratify theirselves . Preferably bitter chocolate. The customer should be surprised and guided on a journey in searching flavors, aromas, textures. Among the more traditional chocolates we offer combinations decidedly unusual and daring, such as cinnamon, wasabi, black sesame, chili, Sechuan pepper, beans. The surprise of spicy chilli in a soft praline chocolate gives a lightweight , single, surprising pleasure. Especially young people are willingly to try new things, especially if they are fashionable, like chocolate. For five years working in catering I even developed a menu entirely based on chocolate ingredients to be used only in sweets; while the tradition of chocolate is much wider: in the'700, for example, the hunted animal was served with a bitter chocolate sauce. Of course the food and culinary fashions changes and the recipes have been revised and corrected according to the tastes of modern trends: very successful, for example, are the scallops with cocoa and the lobster with white chocolate and vanilla sauce. Only some know that cocoa beans contain sugar and therefore are perfect to be used in salted preparations. The good thing of cocoa and chocolate is that the material is extremely flexible and versatile: it can be used in solid, powder, cream or liquid state." The extreme versatility of chocolate is for you during the manufacturing ,of high value? "Like all things need a very great passion and training. I am not talking only of the more complex manufacture such as sculptures or whatever. The preparation is a careful studied. Who wants to dedicate himself to the chocolate should acquire and keep a good level with the continues practice".

Il Pasticcere italiano - Elisa Zanotta


After a rich and diverse experience arround the world, the young German chef Ernst Knam arrived in Milan where, in the area of Porta Romana, open L’Antica Arte del Dolce, a pastry-ice cream shop which soon joins a catering. Pastry and cuisine are two loves born adolescence, which Ernst grown over in the years: based on awareness of the classic value is revisited with taste and imagination to adapt them to current needs. The roots of Knam, although strongly linked to traditions and a great respect for the purity of flavors, not prevent him to propose new approaches and offer personal and creative proposals. "Innovate continually" is the slogan of Ernst Knam , young chef born in Germany who created and operates in Milan two major complementary activities, within the gastronomy of the highest level: a take away pastry-ice cream and a catering service . Not surprisingly, the insignia of the two premises, located in a semi-central area of old Milan, within walking distance of each other, are "L’Antica Arte del Dolce" and "La Nuova Arte del Catering." Already in reference to the “old” and the “new “in their names, Ernst shows how his roots, while strongly tied to tradition, is making his creativity “more than asiatic.” Products that are proposed by Knam are classic, but personalizied and adapt to current modern taste. With great modesty, in fact, Ernst says that he not invent anything, because everything has already been invented, just like in fashion. He adds: - I can put some ingredients together, but it was certainly already done long ago by others. I like to combine elements which to my taste binde well together, but all above they should please the public and be beautiful. You should never overturn the traditional recipes with the desire to create a great effect where the look is the detriment of taste and the possibility to understand at first what it is. Ice cream is one of your most recent passion. When do you thought to add this product to complete your offer? When I realized that in Italy the ice cream is very welcome at all times! The artisan ice cream is typically Italian, born in our country and exported around the world, unlike the food. You have an international training: does this influence the creation of your ice cream? Certainly, because turning around the world you increase your experience from other cultures for your vocational training. How much does the impressions and the fantasy care in the preparation of ice cream? Everything I propose must be beautiful, because food is eaten first with the eyes before the mouth. As for fantasy, it should express freedom, but still find obstacles: I can not put together with chocolate, for example, lemon and caviar! Of course, everything can inspire a chef, also the showcase of a stylist. However, at the end, my sweets and my semifreddi are simple, but in their simplicity are beautiful to see. Especially are important the freshness and the quality of the used materials. Among his recipes there are some innovatives like salted semifreddi. (half frozen) Using the imagination and knowledge. How do you choose your staff? It’s difficult to find a suitable staff in the restoration business, it’s a very hard job and not many people are willing to engage in an activity which gives so little free time and requires a lot of sacrifices. In my ice cream – pastry we have 8 people working. Normaly we work with our fixed staff, but when we need some more people we turn to specialized agencies to search for qualified figures.

Il Gelatiere - a cura di Paola Colonetti - foto di Riccardo Marcialis


Bavarian but since fifteen years he has been working successfully in Italy, the great pastry chef and maestro Ernst Knam wanted to investigate the area of cooking with beer. The result is the book "A Tutta birra" published by the Biblioteca Culinaria in Lodi (96 pages with 36 color photos) showing forty recipes from starters to dessert. While in the kitchen using only wine more to counter that by analogy, for beer takes the opposite. In Germany beer is normal with food (as in Alto Adige), but its use is spreading in Japan, Spain and Mexico, thanks to the research of many gourmet chef and international holders.

Bar Giornale - Rodolfo Guarnieri


In the Antica Arte del Dolce Dolce you can find real art of confectionery. The main production is chocolate, which combines gentle fruit and vegetables - some examples: - the pumpkin and chocolate cake or aubergine and gianduia. Everything is excellent and submitted to full perfection, we remember the bitter chocolate mousse, with forest strawberries and vanilla and forest strawberries. Singular recipes, with a special flavour, ranging from classical to fusion. Since 1996 also offers a catering service through the company "La Nuova Arte del Catering:" not only sweets but dishes with different menus, touching even the Japanese, Chinese, Russian or Italian kitchen.

Dolce Salato - Emanuela Vibi

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